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                 Quincy's Diary

Saturday, June 15
I spent a lot of time in the back yard garden with my CT
(that's dog speak for 'Caretaker') today. Tonight my
CT and I are going to watch a MOVIE  We're going
to sit on her bed and hang out and snuggle. That's
going to ROCK! Hey, I just can't get enough 'snuggle time.'


Sunday, June 16
Cody arrived today. Oh man, we had SUCH a blast chasing eachother
around the garden. Then we came inside to drink some water and
relax in the AC. As you can see, we were a little tired.

We went for a LONG walk today. There's just so much to see
and do and sniff!!!! We walked to the store to get milk - - ¦it
wasn't far but it took a long time as I needed to get some serious
'sidewalk sniffin' time in. As usual, I got some 'sink time' when
we got home. Since it's muddy outside, we've got a routine now. Home
from walk, in sink, warm quick rinse, big fluffy towel rubdown and then dinner.
YUM!!! Hey, do you like my bathrobe?