Wayzata Westie Walkers at the
James J. Hill Days Parade
September 9, 2007
We even made it on TV!
To view the link go to:
- http://www.wcco.com/pets
- Go the the 'Video' section on the upper right side
of the page.
- At the bottom of the 'Video' section click on
'Video Library.'
- Then search for the 'Westies on Parade in
Wayzata' video dated September 10.

Thanks to Ginny and Sue for all their hard
work on this event!
And a special thanks to Carrie and Phalen for
cheering me on from the sidelines. AND to
Mel and Quincy for attending too. Even tho
Quincy isn't a fan of loud bands!
Quincy, my weekly
visitor and parade